JIM TREACHER: Hillary Clinton to Put Her Name on ‘Political Thriller.’

Libs have always been more fond of fantasy than reality, which is why The West Wing was such a hit even while Clinton was still in office. Aaron Sorkin created a Democrat president who wasn’t a lying, philandering creep, and Dems, disappointed by the real world, ate it up.

In other former First Couple news, Obama’s got a new podcast with former musician (and current attendee of DUI classes) Bruce Springsteen.* As Andrew Stiles at the Washington Free Beacon notes, Barry is just jealous of his wife’s podcasting success and is trying to show her up.

Celebrity spouses, right? They’re just like us, except their egos are even more out of control and the rest of us have to hear about it.

*I thought about listening to the first episode of the Obama/Springsteen podcast and trying to get a blog post out of it, but I checked it out on Spotify and the first episode is 53 minutes. Who wants to listen to those two knuckleheads babble about how great they are for an hour? Plenty of people, apparently, but not me. I would do anything for you, Dear Reader, but I won’t do that.

Or as the Washington Free Beacon put it: Barack Obama Copies Wife Again, Launches Podcast with New Jersey Man Arrested for DWI.