JIM TREACHER: ‘Central Park Karen’ Amy Cooper Gets Charges Dropped After Anti-Racist ‘Psychoeducation’ Sessions.

And now I find myself wondering what “psychoeducation” entails. Was it some sort of A Clockwork Orange thing? Did they prop her eyelids open and make her watch Martin on BET until she found it funny? Did they show her pictures of black people and then give her an electric shock every time she lunged for her phone to dial 911?

Seriously, though, it sounds like they think her real crime wasn’t making a false police report, but being a racist. If so, how are a few “psychoeducation” sessions going to change that?

Should this incident follow Amy Cooper around for the rest of her life? Should she be dogged by something stupid she did while walking her actual dog? Hasn’t she learned her lesson after being shamed by the entire world?

Christian Cooper has forgiven her, saying “she’s already paid a steep price.” He’s gotten over it. He found enough grace in his heart to forgive her. Why can’t you?

Just kidding. It’s 2021, and forgiveness is for the weak. If you catch somebody being racist, you must hound them until the day they die. If you don’t, that means you’re a racist too. The same goes for sexism, ageism, transphobism, and every other -ism. And so on, and so on, until the whole world is just one big witch hunt.

And it’s not over yet for Amy Cooper: ‘Central Park Karen’ Amy Cooper set to tell her ‘story’ this week.