REPORT: Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steve Schmidt resigns.

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More: Everything the Lincoln Project touches dies. “For a supposedly conservative PAC, the Lincoln Project has rarely if ever espoused conservative values. After Trump was defeated, the group gave its backing to Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Senate runoffs, whose victories allow the Biden-Harris administration to enact its progressive agenda. Many have pondered the mystery of what happens to a NeverTrump organization when you take Trump out of the equation. Now we know: a cataclysmic implosion.”

As Jim Treacher asks: What Did the Lincoln Project Know About John Weaver, and When?

And from Glenn Greenwald: The Lincoln Project, Facing Multiple Scandals, is Accused by its Own Co-Founder of Likely Criminality.

UPDATE: Inside the Lincoln Project’s ‘toxic’ workplace.