REDLINING THE GODWIN METER: Los Angeles Times Review of Andy Ngo’s Antifa Book Compares Him to Nazi Josef Goebbels.

It appears that the Yahoo News White House correspondent, Alexander Nazaryan, has not changed his ground game in at least five years. In 2016 he compared Ted Cruz and his staff to Nazis. He was forced to delete that tweet after being publicly shamed for his over the top comparison but apparently he has not learned his lesson.

Nazaryan’s latest shameful comparison runs along the same lines when he compared journalist Andy Ngo to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels in his his latest review of Ngo’s book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Racial Plan to Destroy Democracy. 

Not only does Nazaryan compare Ngo to the notorious Nazi, but he also absurdly downplays the dangers posed by Antifa to the extent of not capitalizing the name of that organization in both the text and title of his Los Angeles Times book review on Monday, “Andy Ngo’s new book still pretends antifa’s the real enemy.”

First let us cut to the chase with Nazaryan’s Goebbels comparison:

Every act of violence by antifa, meanwhile, is described so meticulously and ominously that Herr Goebbels would have been proud.

And while Nazaryan goes over the top with his comparison of Ngo to Goebbels, he also completely underplays the dangers posed by Antifa which he portrays as basically harmless.

As Joe Biden would say, they’re just an “idea.” Speaking of which: Left-wing Atlantic writer bizarrely compares covering Trump to storming Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Left-wing Yahoo “national correspondent” Alexander Nazaryan compared covering the Trump administration to being on Omaha Beach for the D-Day invasion in a piece for The Atlantic on Thursday.

“Covering the administration was thrilling for many journalists, in the way that I imagine storming Omaha Beach must have been for a 20-year-old fresh from the plains of Kansas,” Nazaryan wrote. “He hadn’t signed up for battle, but there he was, liberating France.

I don’t think soldiers storming Omaha Beach had to worry much about airbrushes that day, though: