NEO ON THAT TIME MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Time on the vast conspiracy to “save” the 2020 election before it even took place.

Looking at the people on the board of the Voter Protection Program, it is immediately apparent that it is, as expected, a combination of Democrats and of RINOs extraordinaire. The bulk of the latter consist of old Bush and McCain aides, many of whom backed John Kasich in the Republican race in 2016. There is an emphasis on lawfare to make sure that the innovations in voting rules that reduced voting security were defended in court, and on working with attorneys general of the various states. The Republicans on the board are people who have made themselves available to give a bipartisan face to the war against President Trump, and no doubt they were extremely eager to disassociate from him and work to destroy him in 2020.

Some people writing about the article indicate that it’s an admission that the participants gamed the election in various ways to enable Biden’s win. But the article does not admit that. It does something far more devious – it claims that everything this group did was non-partisan, had absolutely nothing to do with wanting Biden elected, and was merely for the noble purpose of guaranteeing a fair election and making sure people didn’t believe Trump’s conspiracy claims which they of course knew would be false even before the election occurred. And to do this, they paradoxically helped to relax the election rules so much that actual fraud and/or claims of fraud would be far more likely, and they did that only for the very noble purpose of stopping the nefarious “voter suppression” the GOP was trying to accomplish. You see, all efforts at voter security can be re-defined as voter suppression, and many courts will buy it.

This is the sort of thing the left and the current Democratic Party (as well as the self-righteous NeverTrumpers) specialize in. They define Trump as evil and any effort to stop him as noble rather than biased, because they are stopping evil and lies.

Still, since the article reads like a confirmation of what the right has been saying all along about the Democrats’ and their allies’ efforts to undermine Trump, why publish it?

Read the whole thing, which includes a (safe for work) Jeffrey Toobin cameo.