JOANNE JACOBS: Academic high school is too elite (and Asian) for SF.

After denaming 44 schools — including Abraham Lincoln High — for historical imperfections, San Francisco school board is fast-tracking a plan to end merit-based admissions for Lowell High School, one of the top high schools in California, reports David Li for NBC News.

The board is on track to approve a resolution to admit students to Lowell (which will be renamed) by lottery, rather than grades and test scores. Selectivity “perpetuates the culture of white supremacy and racial abuse towards Black and Latinx students,” states the resolution.

The real issue is Chinese supremacy. Of Lowell’s 2,871 students, 50.6 percent are Asian, mostly Chinese, in a district that’s 33.4 percent Asian, reports Li.

They’ll destroy Lowell because that’s what leftists do.