ROGER SIMON: Happy Days Are Here Again — For Beijing and Moscow.

You could almost say Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi was wasting his time when—speaking at a virtual event hosted by the National Committee on U.S. China relations— he warned “The United States should stop its interference in the affairs of Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang.”

The Obama-Biden-Harris administration (let’s call it what it really is) wouldn’t dream of such a thing.

As long as the CCP and Russia allow those now in control of the United States to fly their virtue-signaling LGBTQ flags over American embassies, Xi and Putin have nothing to worry about.

You probably can add Ayatollah Khamenei into the bargain, although he might have a little problem with the flag.

President Biden let them know how things would be straight out of the box when he shut down the Keystone pipeline forever.

For Putin this was Christmas in January, letting him know that evil Trump policy of an energy independent, even exporting, United States was a thing of the past and that his most treasured commodity—oil—would go up in value.

At the same time, the Chinese would reap the benefit of the excess Canadian supply while seeing their American adversary weakened, its negotiating position diminished.

Fracking, too, is clearly an endangered species. Not surprisingly, crude just reached a one-year high.

All this for no discernible improvement in carbon levels, in fact likely the reverse. The oil will now be shipped via railroad cars to the Louisiana refineries, a far more risky process than the underground pipeline that has been undergoing (and passing) the most stringent environmental inspections for years.

I wonder how soon the United States will be buying oil from China and Russia.

Xi and Putin (Trump’s supposed collaborator—as if) must find this all quite amusing, especially since our new administration is now considering rejoining that most reactionary of all United Nations dumb shows, the U.N. Human Rights Council, an organization that is dominated by dictatorial regimes and could have been invented by Orwell.

But why should that be surprising? This same administration and its rabid supporters are all for censorship and for limiting free speech, not just via Big Tech but practically across the board.

Many advocate reprogramming Trump supporters. Nothing could be more communist Chinese than that!

Imagine these same crypto-fascists complaining about the CCP’s treatment of Uyghurs, Tibetans, Christians, Falun Gong, or whoever. The entire Politburo would be rolling their eyes. (Didn’t I say Yang Jiechi’s speech was irrelevant?)

And what of Taiwan? Given their current behavior, would the new administration do anything since beyond the mildest lip-service to defend this vibrant, democratic island nation?

Why would they? As Tom Cotton warned last year: Joe Biden Is China’s Choice for President.