DISPATCHES FROM THE HOUSE OF STEPHANOPOULOS:  ABC News President James Goldston, 52, announces he’s leaving in March after seven years at the helm.

In 2017, the network’s chief investigative reporter, Brian Ross, aired an incorrect story which claimed Michael Flynn was ready to allege in testimony that President Donald Trump had asked him to reach out to the Russians.

Goldston issued a scathing rant to his employees after the incident.

He said he has never felt ‘disappointment and rage’ comparable to what he has felt in the fallout of the mistake and that the network was conducting a ‘full review’.

In 2019, House Republicans also demanded ABC provide more information related to a spiked interview with Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts in 2015.

Flashback: ABC’s Excuse for Failing to Report on Jeffrey Epstein Makes Absolutely No Sense.