THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT: The Navy Reportedly Experimented With a ‘Spacetime Modification Weapon.’

According to documents obtained by The War Zone, the US Navy performed experiments on far-fetched technologies including a “spacetime modification weapon” which, researchers claimed internally, could revolutionize power and propulsion systems.

The mysterious technologies were meant to take advantage of the “Pais effect,” patented by American aerospace engineer Salvatore Cezar Pais and which could end up pushing the boundaries of conventional science — if, that is, they are ever proven to actually work.

Pais says the tech could enable a propulsion system that defies gravity, as well as even more eccentric claims. In a January 2020 correspondence with The War Zone, Pais even laid out plans for a “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft” that he claimed was able to “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level.”

Maybe that’s what happened to 2020.