HOWIE CARR: Without Trump to blame, coronavirus turns the corner.

Any bad news now belongs to Dementia Joe. Ergo, no bad news.

Just as “the homeless” disappear whenever a Democrat takes office, along with rising gas prices or drone bombing of “wedding parties” in terrorist states, seldom will be heard a discouraging word about COVID-19 until further notice.

If you doubt that the air is rapidly deflating out of almost a year’s worth of breathless hysteria in the alt-left media, just Google “New COVID-19 cases decline.”

Here’s a small sampling over the last 72 hours:

From CNN: “New Covid-19 cases declined 11% after hitting a peak last week.”

Wall Street Journal: “Newly Reported U.S. Coronavirus Cases Decline Again.”

National Panhandler Radio: “Current, Deadly U.S. Coronavirus Surge Has Peaked.”

At least until the mid-term elections, when the Democrats will be needing to ramp up mail-in voting yet again, because it worked so well in November in the rotten boroughs where voter turnout sometimes exceeded 100%.

That’s why Big COVID is hedging its bets just a bit, allowing such future potential horrors as “mutant strain B.1.1.7” to start warming up in the bullpen — just in case.

This is nothing new. Recall how Big Pharma didn’t announce that the vaccines were ready to go until Nov. 5, when it was too late to benefit Trump.

How much as coronavirus “turned the corner?” Michigan restaurants can officially reopen Feb. 1 with curfew, other COVID safety restrictions. Gov. Whitmer announces indoor dining will be allowed starting next month.

Fortunately though, at least a few are remaining vigilant:  ‘We cannot become numb to this’! @redsteeze puts COVID19 deaths on President Joe Biden’s watch into devastating perspective.