January 17, 2021

MARK STEYN: Shaidle Among the Stars.

A week ago today, I had the sad duty of announcing the death of our irreplaceable movie columnist Kathy Shaidle. Kathy wrote everything from poetry to The Weekly World News‘s “Ed Anger” column and was a piercingly clear-headed thinker on almost any subject, as you can see in our video compilation of her appearances on The Mark Steyn Show. I hope you’ll also read Laura Rosen Cohen’s touching remembrance of our never-to-be-forgotten friend.

Last Saturday in this space, I rounded up a few autobiographical asides from Kathy’s movie columns, little glimpses of her life and her world. But of course that’s not why someone writes about film: You do it because you have something to say about the picture, the writing, the direction, the stars… So what follows are a few of my favorite Shaidle insights on some of the players who caught her beady eye.

Read the whole thing.

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