January 12, 2021

FASTER, PLEASE: Trump bans by Twitter, Facebook will trigger Big Tech giants’ ‘downfall,’ says ‘Social Dilemma’ star.

“They just pulled the trigger on what now amounts to them saying, ‘We do feel accountable for content,’” Joe Toscano, a former Google consultant, told Fox News.

Following Trump’s brief suspension after the violence that took place on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Twitter announced on Friday evening that the president will no longer be able to tweet. Trump has also been removed from other social media platforms, including Facebook, Reddit and Instagram

“I think the fact that all these companies have made the moves to ban Trump proves that they now realize they are responsible for the content and now it’s time to talk about Section 230,” Toscano said.

The Swamp extends all the way to Silicon Valley, or maybe it’s the other way around.

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