January 7, 2021

IT’S COME TO THIS: Women’s Fitness magazine apologizes after telling readers to ‘burn off Christmas calories.’

“I find it really sad that in 2020 you’re promoting the need to ‘burn off’ Christmas calories,” tweeted one person.

“I think that’s a very triggering and outdated message to be sharing. You’re encouraging women to work out from a place of guilt/shame which I think is very negative and dangerous.”

A consultant psychiatrist added: “Hugely concerning and problematic language. We shouldn’t be ascribing moral labels to food and exercise or encouraging people to adopt an earn and burn mentality; it’s the fall out from these damaging marketing campaigns that I see only too well in clinic.

“As a mainstream fitness magazine, why not use the opportunity to promote the positive mental and physical health benefits to be gained from going outdoors/ exercise; improved mood, better sleep, more energy etc. Disappointing.”

Others accused the publication of using “damaging” language and urged it to delete the tweet.

The magazine has now issued an apology, explaining that its intention was simply to encourage people to work out over the festive period.

Why apologize? Stick to your guns and tell the women who find the topic of exercise to be “triggering and “damaging” and “disappointing” to simply read Cosmo instead.

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