January 4, 2021

CHUCK TODD MELTS DOWN: Liberal Media Scream: Smug Chuck Todd to senator, ‘I’ve had enough of hearing this!’

Exit quotes:

[Sen. Ron Johnson]: Well, Chuck, you need to look at your mirror because you carried the Democrats’ water on the whole Russian collusion with the Trump campaign hoax —

TODD: Sen. Johnson, I’ve got to go. I appreciate you coming on. I’ve let you, I’ve let you say plenty of —

JOHNSON: That is what you did in the media. You carried that water for years. You destroyed the credibility of the press, not me.

Todd seems to lose it whenever he he has Johnson on, curiously enough: This 2019 Real Clear Politics article by Mark Hemingway, “Chuck Todd and the Demise of True Journalism,” is built around Todd’s interview with Johnson and subsequent insults.

Just think of Todd as a former — and current — Democratic Party operative, who gets quite cross when called on his leftwing bias, and it all makes sense.

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