January 3, 2021

ROGER SIMON: McConnell and GOP Senators Must Stop Deserting Their Constituents.

Do what they really want is business as usual?

Leader McConnell would seem to have more than a whiff of that.

But the rest do not have to go along. Do they need a reminder the Democrats protested the electoral college certification of the last three Republican presidents—-Trump in 2016 and George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004?

There’s nothing new in this, except maybe the search for the truth in what happened and the promise of a better tomorrow.

And that truth is bigger than Donald Trump, larger than life though he may sometimes be, much bigger.

It speaks to the nature of what we are as a functioning democratic republic. Can we actually have elections the majority of the public trusts? They clearly don’t trust this one.

Read the whole thing.

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