December 10, 2020

THIS IS CNN: CNN anchor touts $380 ‘facts first’ cashmere sweater after network spiked Hunter Biden story during campaign.


Leaked tapes reveal CNN buried the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Yes, CNN Did Bury The Hunter Biden Story.

GOP Spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington Absolutely Wrecks CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Over Joe Biden Scandals. Including this exchange:

AMANPOUR: As you know perfectly well, I’m a journalist and a reporter and I follow the facts. And there has never been any issues in terms of [Biden] corruption. Now, let me ask you this. Yesterday, the FBI —

HARRINGTON: Wait, wait, wait!


HARRINGTON: How do you know that?

AMANPOUR: I’m talking about reporting and any evidence. I’m talking to you now —

HARRINGTON: I would love if you guys would start doing that digging and start doing that verification.

AMANPOUR: Now, we’re not going to do your work for you.

But CNN is more than happy to do Joe’s work for him.

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