December 3, 2020

SCHOOLS CLOSED, MINORITIES HARDEST HIT: Seriously. In my county, Arlington, schools closed in March and the geniuses in the public school administration told the teachers not to do online instruction, and not to teach anything new (lest there be some kid, somewhere, who couldn’t log in despite free county-provided Ipads and Internet, because that would be inequitable). Below is a chart showing how kids did on the test they give at the beginning of each school year. As you will notice, black and Hispanic kids have been really hurt, white and Asian kids not so much. I suspect you would see similar, maybe even more inequitable results if you just went by income status. Yet, oddly (not really), it’s the progressives in the county who have been shouting “equity, equity, equity” from the rooftops for the last several years and their allies among the teachers who have been most vociferously lobbying to keep the schools closed.

The gray line is Fall 2020, the lines before are 2019 and ’18, respectively.

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