December 3, 2020

BARACK TO THE FUTURE! Biden admin looks like one more try at liberal technocratic government.

Technocracy, climate cultism & dumb wars

Are you ready for the Great Reset? It’s the Great Leap Forward of 21st-century technocracy. It’s time, we are told by the likes of Davos guru Klaus Schwab, to reboot our passé, 18th-century ideas about rights, democracy and constitutions — and surrender to the smooth rule of the ­experts and the climate cultists, not forgetting, of course, their financial advisers.

The reality, however, is less Great Reset than Great Preset. What elites who talk this way really want is to turn the clock back to circa 2014, before Donald Trump’s ascent, before Brexit, before populists swept to power across the West on a wave of discontent with the liberal-technocratic order.

Look at who Joe Biden, the great hope of resetters, wants to drive the economic recovery. Janet Yellen, who was President Barack Obama’s choice at the Federal Reserve, for Treasury. Neera Tanden, the corporatist Clinton sidekick, for the Office of Management and Budget. Adewale Adeyemo, president of the Obama Foundation, as Yellen’s deputy.

It’s Obama Time all over again in defense and diplomacy too.

This is an ideology running on fumes, led by a sclerotic leader who has been a loyal Democrat foot-soldier for nearly half-century. However, as Dominic Green predicts, there is one happy ending: “In 2010, the voters responded to Obama’s first two years by flipping the House to the Republicans. They will do the same in 2022.”

Don’t get cocky, to coin an Instaphrase.

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