JOHN PODHORETZ: AOC and Co.’s loathsome plan to keep lists of pro-Trumpies.

Some version of this list-taking happens after every administration. Accomplished people found it difficult to find employment in DC after the first Bush administration came to an end, because Democrats were in charge of the legislative and executive branches, and they were considered right-wing handmaidens. But that was an informal partisan sorting, not a conscious and ­deliberate campaign.

In my youth, the blacklist of Hollywood Communists was ­almost universally considered to have been a moral calamity, even though the things those people believed and the causes they advanced were among the greatest evils the world has ever seen.

Welcome to the new blacklisters — same as the old blacklisters. Joseph Ocasio-McCarthy, your time is now. You’ve got a little list.

Maybe not so little — there’s got to be at least 57 names on it, right?

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