DISPATCHES FROM THE “IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN WE DO IT” PARTY: DC Mayor Defends Trip To ‘High-Risk’ Delaware For Biden Victory Speech.

The photo sparked a flurry of critical responses, with people alleging that Bowser was flouting her own coronavirus travel orders by failing to quarantine for 14 days upon her return to D.C. She held a press conference Monday with DC Health director LaQuandra Nesbitt and D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson.

In a statement Tuesday, a spokesperson for Bowser says the mayor’s trip to Wilmington for Biden’s speech was “essential travel.” “She went on Saturday evening and returned the same evening,” the spokesperson adds, noting that Bowser met with “a few people” on Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ team.

D.C.’s newest travel advisory went into effect Monday. Under it, residents who return from states designated high-risk no longer have to strictly quarantine for 14 days, but do have to monitor their health and limit their activities for that length of time—or until they receive a negative COVID-19 test result.

As Jim Treacher asked yesterday, Are We in a Pandemic or Not? “The virus is deadly when it fits the narrative of Jake Tapper and his comrades, and it’s not deadly when they don’t need it to be. It all depends on the observer. It’s Schrodinger’s Cough. Sorry, but I will not be scolded about COVID by people who were just passing around champagne bottles in the street because they finally got their cookie after throwing a fit for four years. Congratulations, you won. I hope you enjoyed your Biden party, and I hope it doesn’t literally kill you.”