CLAY TRAVIS: Ten Big Takeaways From The 2020 Election. Including:

I think it’s fair to say that Trump will not attempt to lock us down between now and Inauguration Day, but come late January what will Biden do?

Will Biden support the idea of lockdowns? Will he offer any guidance at all to coronabro governors in Democratic states who may lockdown their communities even more than they already have? Will those Democratic governors begin to ease lockdowns because Trump is now beaten? There are a ton of issues at play here.

This will be the most consequential decision of a Biden administration, and I think it will override almost every other policy choice he makes in his first year in office.

The left wing of the Democratic party wants to shut down the country and provide massive payments to everyone while those lockdowns exist. I can tell you right now that another lockdown will be fought in a massive way by many small business owners, including me.

Lockdowns don’t save lives, and they destroy our economy. They are a failed policy to combat a virus that is not a significant threat to the vast majority of our country.

I want our kids in school. I want everything open. I want people all back to work.

What’s more, I’m not going to consent to being locked down again. I feel like there are many people like me out there. Donald Trump would not have attempted to lock us down again if he’d won. Will Biden? I hope not.

But this will be messy for Biden given the platform he ran on, his election emboldens the coronabros.

And they seem to be a rather schizophrenic lot: