October 18, 2020

ROGER SIMON: Fire Wray If He Doesn’t Turn Over Biden Laptop Info Immediately.

If Christopher Wray does not turn over all information about the laptop alleged to belong to Hunter Biden requested by Senate Homeland Security chair Ron Johnson within twenty-four hours, Wray should be summarily fired by the president and be replaced by an Acting FBI Director who will do the job like Richard Grenell.

That Wray and company have been sitting on this evidence since 2019 is beyond unconscionable.

That they were doing it during an impeachment trial relevant to the details that are on that laptop’s hard drive borders on the criminal, indeed crosses that border morally, if not legally.

The FBI has been living under a cloud for years now because of the demonstrably politically tainted Mueller investigation into Trump-Russia collusion that never existed as well as the related attempt to frame General Michael Flynn. (The 302s that made this clear had to be forced out of the FBI with a metaphorical bunker buster.)

Literally millions of Americans are now regarding—with justification— our premier law enforcement agency as corrupt and politically biased, possibly personally dangerous to them.

This is an untenable situation for a democratic republic going forward—if it wishes to remain either democratic or a republic.

Wray has done nothing to alleviate this. To the contrary, he has continually stonewalled congressional requests as if he were a Soviet apparatchik, not the servant of the American people that he supposedly is.

He seems to want us to believe he is working to preserve his institution, but is actually the doing the reverse—making us all the more suspicious.

Hunkered down and undoubtedly praying for the election of Joe Biden to save his own career, Wray has acted out of extreme selfishness or ideological bias or both.

The Biden Laptop Affair should be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Only it’s not a straw, far from it. Contained in this email exchange and on the hard drive from whence it comes are potential links to corruption the likes of which we have not seen in our country, a degree of cooperation with Communist China that could lead, if unchecked, to massive changes in our lives.

How’s that swamp draining coming along?

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