ROGER SIMON: The Presidential Debate Commission Should Resign Now.

Now it turns out CSPAN’s Steve Scully—the would be moderator of the third debate—allegedly was tweeting notorious Trump enemy Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, of all people, for advice on how to question the President. (Why not Michael Avenatti?)

Scully, not surprisingly, denies this and says he “believes” he was hacked, which is possible, but so what?

The man got his start in the political world as an intern for Joe Biden, again of all people. Then Scully worked in the media department of Ted Kennedy. Unbiased?

Next you’d think he flacked for Nancy Pelosi!

Oh, wait, that was number two moderator Susan Page who is currently working on a hagiography (excuse me, biography) of the Speaker. How did that pass muster with the Debate Commission? Or was it considered an asset?

Worst of all, in a less obvious way, was initial moderator Chris Wallace, who hides his bias under the Fox label but is not in the slightest conservative or even neutral.

In fact, he pulled out some of the most discredited liberal canards of all of the “When did you stop beating your wife?” nature in order to “get Trump.”

One of the more obvious ones, harkening back to Charlottesville, was asking the president, for the umpteenth time, to repudiate “white supremacy,” when, as Wallace had to be aware, the full, not cherry-picked, text of Trump’s Charlottesville remarks had the President clearly disavowing such supremacists, including David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan, as he had many times before and since.

Including previously to Chris Wallace himself: