However, should Yelp flag itself about its own racism? Newsweek notes Republicans are pouncing! Yelp Racist Behavior Alert Decried by Conservatives over Fears It Will Destroy Businesses:

Director Robby Starbuck added: “So Yelp if we accuse you of racism will you mark your own site as being accused of racism?

“This idiotic policy will be weaponized. It’ll destroy families and their businesses which will hurt their kids. Will Yelp get a ‘you’ve been accused of hurting kids’ badge?”

Other social media users pointed out that Yelp’s office in Phoenix was the subject of racism allegations last month.

The link in the above Newsweek article goes to a September 19th USA Today article that now redirects to the regularly updated USA Today latest news page. However, it’s still in the Google cache for now, and is headlined, “At Yelp’s Phoenix office, some insiders say a ‘boy’s club’ atmosphere fueled racism, sexism, and a hard-partying culture — on top of regular verbal abuse from customers:”

One of Yelp’s Black employees says she was getting tired of the racist abuse hurled at her while working.

As a member of the company’s inbound sales team, she was responsible for handling angry businesses that were listed on the online directory service, trying to sell them advertising even as they called in to complain.

“I was getting called the n-word every day defending the algorithm,” she recalled, along with sexist and homophobic slurs. When she let her manager know, she was given sympathy, but little in the way of material support. The manager told her “don’t let your last call affect your next call” — and sent her a BuzzFeed article of puppies dressed up in costumes.

Such verbal abuse from aggrieved customers was commonplace for the employees in Yelp’s Phoenix, Arizona office who dealt with them, as was Yelp’s failure to offer affected employees meaningful assistance, some employees say.

But, according to some current and former employees from Yelp’s sales team, most based in Phoenix, it wasn’t the only problematic conduct that many employees had to face.

Business Insider spoke to nine current or former employees of Yelp, who described a workplace that at times featured racist comments, inappropriate conduct, bacchanalian parties, a clique-y atmosphere, failures of trust in management, and drug use in the office. (Sources were granted anonymity as they weren’t authorized to discuss their experiences.)

Yelp’s Phoenix office housed much of the local sales team, which is the largest team but also tends to be younger and less experienced — and away from senior management in San Francisco. One source from another of Yelp’s sales teams said they felt much of the problematic conduct would not be accepted elsewhere in the company.

Obviously, there’s only one way for Yelp to atone — flag itself as racist under its new system:

The Blaze rounds up additional reaction from conservatives:

“Didn’t think this one through, did you? You are going to be buried under lawsuits you’ll never recover from, rightfully so,” said Amber Smith, former deputy assistant to the Secretary of Defense.

Harmeet K. Dhillon, lawyer and founder of the Center For American Liberty, said Yelp is “weaponizing defamation,” adding, “More work for me, more litigation for you.”

As Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics states, “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.”