A TREATMENT FOR LOCKDOWN MANIA: Is Vitamin D a Silver Bullet? Mikko Paunio, a Finnish epidemiologist, suggests an alternative to lockdowns: encourage everyone to take vitamin D supplements.

I consider it scientifically proven that high levels of vitamin D provide both protection against severe COVID-19, but even more importantly there is strong evidence that high vitamin D levels slow markedly virus circulation and might even provide ‘herd immunity’ to populations, according to a study published a month ago. It is as yet non-peer-reviewed but already can be considered a milestone study. It is a remarkable matched case control study of 52,405 COVID-19 cases and 524,050 matched controls picked up from Clalit Health Services (CHS), which provides comprehensive health services to over 4.6 million members in Israel.

His article appears at Lockdown Skeptics, an oasis of rationality amidst Covid hysteria.