THE BIGGEST SICK JOKE RIGHT NOW: Our old Stalinist friend Angela Davis has come to fame as a “prison abolitionist.” Which is strange, because she was perfectly happy to have dissidents in the USSR and East Germany, including Soviet Jews seeking to practice their religion, consigned to prison. It’s worth recounting this anecdote from Alan Dershowitz: Dershowitz appealed to Davis, with her very close relationship with the USSR (as she was a high-ranking member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party USA) to intercede on behalf of imprisoned Soviet Jewry activists. Dershowitz recounts, “Several days later, I received a call back from Ms. Davis’ secretary informing me that Davis had looked into the people on my list and none were political prisoners. ‘They are all Zionist fascists and opponents of socialism.’ Davis would urge that they be kept in prison where they belonged.” That anecdote is reasonably well-known, but I found a related anecdote from 1972: “Angela explained that the situation of Jews in Russia ‘has been totally blown out of proportion by the bourgeois press because they’re going to do everything they can to discredit socialism.'”

And here are a couple of pictures of her with her buddy Eric Honeker the dictator of East Germany, whose political prisoners Davis was at best indifferent do. I’ve searched for any evidence that Davis regrets these positions and her general support for Communist tyrannies and haven’t found any (and this source says it’s because she hasn’t expressed any remorse). Prison abolitionist my ___.