BIGOTS: ABC Pushes Vile Fake Claim Barrett Christian Group Inspired Handmaid’s Tale.

Beyond the usual leftist wailing about abortion, [ABC’s Tom] Llamas went on to push a vile assertion that he knew was fake:

Also under the microscope, Barrett’s link to a small charismatic Christian community called People of Praise….According to its website, “many of its members choose to make a lifetime commitment to the community – a covenant.” Members are assigned a personal adviser. Men were called “heads” and women were called “handmaids.” But those titles since changed to “leaders,” amid speculation the group may have inspired the novel and Emmy-award winning drama The Handmaid’s Tale.

After hyping the made-up smear, he then admitted that it wasn’t true: “But author Margaret Atwood saying that’s not accurate, telling ABC News there were several inspirations.”

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Why is the House of Stephanopoulos such a cesspit of anti-religious bigotry?