IF PROPOSITION 16 PASSES, CALIFORNIA’S FUTURE MAY LOOK LIKE THIS: If you think that universities that engage in race-preferential admissions simply put a gentle thumb on the scale in favor of targeted minority members, here are some statistics that may surprise you:

In 1995, before the ban on race-preferential admissions, the level of preference at UC-Berkeley was very high. Here are the median math SAT scores for enrollees by race/ethnicity:

510 (blacks)

560 (Hispanics)

710 (Asians)

690 (whites)

Here are the median verbal SAT scores for enrollees by race/ethnicity:

450 (blacks)

480 (Hispanics)

590 (Asians)

600 (whites)

Here are the median high school GPAs for enrollees by race/ethnicity:

3.42 (blacks)

3.75 (Hispanics)

4.00 (Asians)

4.00 (whites)

These figures come from a report by the Center for Equal Opportunity. CEO has been prying this information out of colleges and universities for decades, but it’s only this past week that Dr. Althea Nagai has put some of the data from several schools into one summary report.