CONRAD BLACK: Democrats Hit Rock Bottom On Election Tactics.

It is indicative of the fact that the Democrats are much less overconfident than they were four years ago that they have unleashed their dirty tricks division a month earlier than they did in 2016 with the completely irrelevant Billy Bush “Access Hollywood” tape of locker room indiscretions by candidate Trump 11 years before.

While it was completely irrelevant to whether Trump was worthy of election in 2016, and was somewhat bizarre as it emanated from the campaign of the spouse of, along with John F. Kennedy, the greatest sexual predator in the history of the White House, it was at least an uncontested recording from many years before of Mr. Trump’s opinion of a celebrity’s opportunities for sexual self-assertion. He did say it.

In this latest incident, many people, including almost everyone who would have been present, have all denied that any such utterance had been made. It is inconceivable that this president would think or say anything of the kind.

But the odium of the incident is magnified by the fact that it was clearly staged in a tight sequence coordinated between the Biden campaign and its most rabid press partisans. As soon as the Atlantic story appeared, an anti-Trump veterans’ organization called VoteVets produced a lengthy follow-up Internet statement that the President was not really any friend of the Armed Forces and veterans should take note of his outrageous comments in Paris and swarm the polls in favor of his opponent.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Comment from a post last week:

The military story is battlefield prep for the Democrats to steal the military votes.

Voter fraud all the way.

Stay tuned for the MSM stories about how Trump’s support from vets is plummeting and Joe’s support from vets is skyrocketing.

Once I would have considered such a claim to be obviously paranoid.