KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: RNC Night 4—Trump Punches Hard, Gets First Round Knockout.

The speech was the biggest surprise of this presidency for me thus far, and it has been filled with surprises.

It was, in two words, extremely presidential. The media is lying about it already, of course, claiming that it was a dark speech that attacked Biden. It’s as if they are unaware that one of the primary tactics in any election is for the candidates to say unflattering things about one another. They’re being absolute children and it’s becoming more tedious than ever.

While he did tout his accomplishments — another normal campaign tactic which the press is pretending Trump invented — he didn’t do it with the signature Trump bombast. He took everything down a notch.

There were plenty of barbs aimed at all the right people, but he took a lot off of his fastball and struck them out with a change-up.

Like great pitchers do.

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