On June 12, The 508 had some unruly people causing trouble outside of our restaurant’s front door. Along with our neighboring restaurant, we called the police at the 1st precinct to help break up the group so that customers would be allowed to get past them and into our place of business.

In what I can only describe as utterly shocking, we were told by the police that there would be no police sent our way….and it was recommended that we simply close and lock our doors. Mind you, the 1st precinct is literally one block away from The 508. We had just been allowed to reopen our dining room two days prior, per the Governor’s reduced restrictions. Then, we’re told by City of Minneapolis police that they cannot help us and we should close up and lock our doors on that fateful Friday, June 12.

That was it for us. If the City is going to provide that level of “support” to its loyal downtown businesses then we simply cannot operate safely. It was the next day that we decided to close the business forever.

We know some nice cities in Texas with firm but fair police departments that would love another nice restaurant — come on down, pardner. (And I can personally recommend an excellent attorney to help with the relocation process.)