You’ll notice how many among the offended masses referenced the short-lived effort to get the movie Rub and Tug onto the silver screen. They had signed on Scarlett Johansson for the lead role, also a transgender male character. (Johansson is similarly afflicted with the same curse of being a “cisgender” female.) The pressure got to her and she dropped out. And what happened to Rub and Tug? The entire project collapsed and wound up in the burn file. That means that the screenwriter, the director, the other actors who would have performed in it and the entire production crew all lost out on that work.

The reasons are obvious. As anyone who has worked in or around the industry will tell you, it’s incredibly hard to get a script from the drawing board to the big screen. There are literally millions of scripts floating around Hollywood and the rest of the country. Pretty much every waiter and waitress in Los Angeles has one in their glove box at any given time. But if the people pushing the project can sign on a really big name for a leading role, your chances shoot up astronomically. Halle Berry is one of those names. Anything she agrees to act in is almost assured a full theatrical release.

So what’s going to happen to the film now? Nothing is ever a sure thing in Hollywood, but it’s a safe bet that it will go the same way that Rub and Tug did. And everyone else associated with this new project will see the same fate.

Apparently, motives are far more important than actually getting a story out on film. In accordance with the prophesy: Scarlett Johansson Under Fire For Agreeing To Play Giant Sandworm In Upcoming ‘Dune’ Adaptation. “‘Scarlett really needs to stay in her lane, said a representative for the Sandworm Actors Guild of America. Until you’ve lived it, you can’t possibly understand what it truly means to live underground generating spice. Back off, girl!’”