Public media has long been defended. Frequently it’s pointed out that public funding for NPR is only about two percent of their federal operating budget, the same excuse we hear when Planned Parenthood pushes back against calls to defund it. Just as frequently, right-leaning outlets seek to point out a clear bias in publicly-funded coverage. But NPR’s ‘reporting’ of Black Lives Matter protests has veered so far from bias and into demagoguery that calls to defund it should be taken more seriously. When I say ‘defund’, I don’t mean in the tortured nuanced way that Democrats and the media use it about the police to mean ‘reform’. No reform for NPR. Defund it. Completely.

This weekend NPR published a story on their website by journalist Hannah Allam. The tweet to the story, declared that  ‘right-wing extremists are turning cars into weapons, with reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since protests erupted nationwide in late May.’ The image accompanying the tweet was a photo of a vehicle surrounded by protesters, suggesting that the driver was plowing through them as they stood in the street. That is not what happened.

To say the least: