BETTER CALL SAUL: Ahead Of Monday’s DC Police Budget Hearing, A Large Crowd Takes To Mayor Bowser’s House To Protest.  

While large swaths of downtown D.C. were closed to vehicular traffic and largely free of the big protests the city has seen over the last two weeks, a livelier scene was to be found on the small residential street in front of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s house on Saturday evening.

That’s where a group of at least 200 people gathered for a protest-turned-party, calling on Bowser to decriminalize sex work and defund the Metropolitan Police Department. They danced in the streets and sashayed along line of police officers standing in front of Bowser’s house, calling out for justice they say they’ve been denied.

“I want her to give a fuck,” said Pontianna Ivan, a trans women, of Bowser. “There’s a lot of things going on and the way she’s going on about things, it’s not showing us that she cares. Our lives matter. Show us our lives matter.”

Protesting at an official’s house is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook. As I wrote in 2013, when anti-war protestors appeared on the doorstep of John and Theresa Kerry’s Beacon Hill townhouse, I wonder if Alinsky’s heirs ever thought the old man’s techniques would boomerang against them?