May 24, 2020

NEW YORK TIMES FILLS FRONT PAGE WITH 1,000 NAMES OF CORONAVIRUS DEAD. And a possibly a few non-Coronavirus deaths as well:

But one of the first names on the paper’s earlier editions of the front page, Jordan Driver Haynes, 27, didn’t actually die from the virus. He was murdered, according to local reports.

Haynes’ body was found in a vehicle left in a wooded area off a highway in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the local NBC affiliate reported.

In fact, there may be more coronavirus deaths or many fewer. No one knows. People who died at home without going to a hospital and were never tested aren’t counted while we know for a fact that many coronavirus victims counted as dead probably didn’t die of COVID-19. But the New York Times chose an arbitrary time and arbitrary number to tell the rest of us to mourn.

Frankly, it turns my stomach. Using dead people as a political platform to make a political statement is about as low as it gets. But Democrats have done it before, piling the dead from Hurricane Katrina in front of George Bush’s White House. And every mass shooting in America becomes a political rally against the Second Amendment.

Flashback: How the DNC-MSM weaponized Katrina, which allowed Democrats to retake both houses of Congress in 2006, and ultimately, put Obama in the White House.

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