May 21, 2020

HIS APPEAL IS BECOMING MORE SELECTIVE: Is Brain Stelter Afraid of a Big Bad Ratio on Twitter?

Stelter is sharing his morning newsletter. This is a weekday staple for the CNN commentator. So this morning, below his tweet, there is a notification that reads:

A conversation between @brianstelter and people they follow or mentioned in this Tweet.

It seems Stelter learned this might be a bad idea fairly quickly. Twitter meme lord Carpe Donktum must be an account that Stelter follows since all but one of the over 20 replies came from him. Donktum decided to share feedback on Stelter’s use of the feature from users that could not reply. The screencaps he shared with Stelter could be characterized as less than flattering.

Perhaps realizing the feature’s futility, Stelter has not applied this setting to any other tweets on his timeline after the one above.

Leading to this ratio:

Found via Iowahawk who tweets, “Watching him get blowtorched by TCM fans is better than an all-weekend Film Noir marathon.” Does Stelter not know that the channel whose viewers he’s insulting as aging crypto-racists is also owned by WarnerMedia, and was created by Ted Turner, a decade after creating CNN?

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