May 12, 2020

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE:  If you ever said — even in good faith — that Trump “colluded” with Russia, or that Trump was Putin’s “puppet” or that Russia “gave” the election to Trump, now is your chance to say you were fooled. The wheels are coming off the train of lies. Mollie Hemingway is following the roadmap of deception, and it’s not looking good:

“Not only was information on Russia not fully shared with the incoming Trump team, as Obama directs, the leaks and ambushes made the transition chaotic, scared quality individuals away from working in the administration, made effective governance almost impossible, and materially damaged national security. When Comey was finally fired on May 9, in part for his duplicitousness regarding his handling of the Russia collusion theory, he orchestrated the launch of a Special Counsel probe that continued his efforts for another two years. That probe ended with Mueller finding no evidence of any American colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election, much less Trump or anyone connected to him.”

Insiders say Obama, Rice and Schiff are terrified of facts coming down the road. You can hate Trump all you want, that’s your right. But Due Process means nothing if it’s denied to those you hate. Ask the Scottsboro Boys or Reuben “Hurricane” Carter.

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