AL SHARPTON APPROVES THIS MESSAGE: De Blasio blasts Jewish community for massive Brooklyn funeral.

A spokesperson for the NYPD said officers on scene did not ticket or arrest anybody.

Jewish community activist Isaac Abraham said the mayoral criticism rang hollow after large crowds congregated across the city earlier on Tuesday to watch the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fly overhead.

“The crowd for the fighter jets today were around longer than the funeral,” Abraham said.

He also noted that the funeral was not a last minute event that the city was unaware of.

Several NYPD precincts and their community affairs teams helped organize and control the event — setting up five blocks of barricades in advance to help with crowd control.

“There’s an old saying. Don’t rain on our parade,” Abraham said. “To run back to City Hall and send a tweet – this is kicking your friend when they’re down. Way down.”

Bill de Blasio Is Bringing the Hammer Down on NYC’s Jewish Community,” Beth Baumann writes at Townhall:

De Blasio shouldn’t be calling out a single religious group, especially the Jewish community who has seen an uptick in anti-Semitic attacks lately. It’s why Jews have had to continually arm themselves against anti-Semites. And here we have the mayor, the guy who claims to be all-inclusive, wanting to persecute the very community that he claims he wants to protect.

On top of it all, de Blasio has the nerve to say this is about stopping the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus yet he broke his own stay-at-home order and traveled to Brooklyn for a walk. And he had a resident confront him over his hypocrisy.

New Yorkers deserve better leadership.

That’s an understatement, as this juxtaposition by Stephen Miller illustrates:

As Seth Barron writes at City Journal, de Blasio is “The Out-of-Tune MayorPresiding over a city spiraling into crisis, Bill de Blasio relies on the same old themes about unfairness and inequality.”