March 26, 2020

OUR BRAVE JOURNALISTS: In an uncertain time, the media falls back on the thing it knows best: dividing people.

Two years ago, CNN infamously tracked down a person responsible for creating a wrestling GIF lampooning their corporate logo, which just happened to be retweeted by President Trump. Reporter Andrew Kaczynski and CNN threatened  to reveal the monster’s identity unless he apologized.

CNN reporter Drew Griffen tracked down a senior citizen in Florida and parked a camera crew on her front lawn, accosting her over her Facebook group which he claimed was a Russian front group that bought ads on Facebook that swayed the 2016 election.

This browbeating of everyday people on social media by activist journalists has become all too familiar. The problem with publishing stories like Marc Fisher’s in the Washington Post is that there are more people with a voice to pushback on this kind of random targeting.

Within minutes of Fisher declaring on Twitter that he had contacted McMillen’s parents, he faced a tidal wave of backlash from people with plenty more than 495 followers.

A very well-deserved Twitter ratio; read the whole thing.

UPDATE (Charlie):

Nothing says serious journalist like “DUUDE I’m calling your MOM!”

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