COMING SOON? Climate My Ass: The Green War on Freedom.

Writer and columnist James Delingpole and director Martin Durkin are teaming up to make a new documentary, Climate My Ass: The Green War on Freedom, and they’re currently in the fundraising stage. Per the film’s Indiegogo site: “The climate bandwagon has rolled on quite long enough. The ‘scientists’ and ‘science’ behind this nonsense have been exposed time and time again, but like some zombie ‘global warming’ refuses to lie down and die. What keeps it going is the political-bureaucratic, publicly funded monster, called the ‘Climate Consensus’. This is the monster which we aim to slay once and for all.” Donations to help produce Climate My Ass may be made here.

As I’m writing this, the Indiegogo page is being updated. When it’s back up, I plan on chipping in.