GRADUALLY, AND THEN SUDDENLY: How The Onion Went Full-On Bernie Bro.

The Onion laid out its new ideology unambiguously in an August 2019 piece titled “Democrat Party: Moving Left Vs. Remaining Moderate.” The article is less a series of jokes than a laundry list of familiar complaints from the activist, Bernie-friendly left about moderate Democrats, like criticizing their foreign policy as “10 percent less than whatever Dick Cheney would do.”

So what happened?

Nackers says it’s not that the Onion has decided to try its hand at actively abetting the Sanders campaign. To him, this campaign is simply the first one its staff has seen that embodies what it has been complaining about all along. Part of it is just how simpatico their policy preferences are: “The Onion started in Madison [Wis.],” Nackers said in an interview, “and people are pretty progressive … a lot of Bernie’s policies are progressive things that we want to back.”

Well, he’s certainly a very big fan of what used to be called “‘Progressives’ in a hurry”; what could go wrong?

Fortunately, America’s Newspaper of Record hasn’t lost its nerve: Bernie Sanders Disappointed To Learn Millions In Campaign Donations Were All In Venezuelan Currency.