ANALYSIS: TRUE. Mike Bloomberg’s contempt for rural America is real:

Flashback: RESET THE VOX COUNTER: Vox “Journalist” Tries To Clown On Trump, Ends Up Exposing How Ignorant He Is.

Sometimes it’s best to just not say anything. Vox’s Aaron Rupar, purportedly a “journalist,” hasn’t learned that lesson.

Today, Donald Trump gave a speech in Iowa where he hit on some of the struggles that rural Americans are dealing with as they produce much of the food you and I enjoy daily. At one point, Trump starts to discuss improvements to broadband in their areas and how many farms in Iowa don’t have the proper connectivity for their tractors. This extends to 3G/4G wireless internet coverage as well, which is incredibly spotty in the midwest.

This had Rupar thinking he had a solid own of Trump on tap. You see, he said tractors can’t connect to the internet. What a moron, am I right?

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In fact, I can remember well over a decade ago going to an uncle’s house and checking out some of the new equipment at his neighbor’s farm. At the time, GPS was being used to ensure precision plowing and planting. Today, internet connectivity in tractors at even smaller operations is becoming the norm to run all kinds of new features to keep things moving smoothly.

The lack of broadband and wireless connectivity in the areas where some of these farms are is a real problem and hurts efficiency.

Farm equipment has gotten so high-tech that, as I blogged from Las Vegas in January, John Deere displayed this yuuuuge semi-autonomous combine in the robotics and automation section of CES, the massive annual Consumer Electronics Show:

Now that’s the 21st century that Syd Mead promised me in the ‘60s and ‘70s.