WHAT ARE WE BANNING TODAY?: In Canada, like in America, it’s single-use plastics, like grocery bags and straws. There’s a debate going on at the Toronto Star where they helpfully include the poll question in the middle of the “yes”argument for the question “should we ban them?” – which of course means most people who vote won’t yet have read the “no” argument by my friend Angela Logomasini… So, if you’d like to help even out the discrepancy, you know what to to.

Meanwhile, at the Skeptoid podcast, they point out that banning single-use plastic bags doesn’t make sense even under environmentalist assumptions.

Personal PS: I’ve been away writing a book and had an annoying problem with the Instapundit interface, so haven’t posted much. Expect that to pick up now the book is in editing and the glitch is fixed. With any luck you’ll be sick to death of hearing about The Socialist Temptation by the time it hits the shelves.