January 16, 2020

I’M SORRY, THAT’S INCORRECT: Uproar as American game show host refuses to accept “Palestine” as an answer.

The show is structured under a number of different categories in which contestants answer questions that revolve around the same theme. In the episode that aired earlier this week, contestants were asked questions under the “Where’s the Church?” category, in which they had to name the place that was,”Built in the 300s A.D., the Church of the Nativity.”

In response, contestant Katie Needle said “What is Palestine?” But, her answer was rejected. Her opponent, however, responded with “What is Israel?” and was awarded the point.

As a whole, America recognises Israeli occupation of the Palestine region as Israel, however, internationally, the West Bank and East Jerusalem is not recognised as part of Israel. The Church of Nativity in question is where Jesus is said to have been born and is located in Bethlehem, at the Israeli occupied West Bank, which, again, is recognised as Palestine in most places, but not America.

It’s an American show, Israel is an American ally, and anyway that might have been a lawful part of Palestine if the Palestinians hadn’t rejected a peace offer giving them 93% of what they wanted and pursued the Intifada II terror campaign instead.

And Trebek is a national treasure.

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