January 14, 2020

THE 21st CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: How Prince Harry Turned Into Lena Dunham.

And as with Dunham’s threats to doxx unwoke airlines stewardesses, note this: “Meghan feels she’s been silenced and is no longer prepared to be muted. She and Harry feel the royals have been racist and sexist.“ As Rod Dreher writes in response, “These are the most horrible, most L.A. people ever. Can you imagine doing this to the Queen, and if you don’t get what you want, threatening to go on television and denounce your own family — the Royal family at that! — as racist and sexist? What a complete prima donna! And Henpecked Harry, what a disgrace. All because the jewels are too heavy for the Duchess of Goop to wear. The problem with that one is not that she’s from African descent. The problem is that she comes from Hollywood.”

Dreher’s post is titled, “A Yankee Yoko In Queen Elizabeth’s Court.”

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