January 5, 2020

NIKE, AN ANTI-AMERICAN COMPANY:  Powerline’s John Hinderaker reminds us that Nike actually cultivates its anti-American image.  And (alas) that image seems to pay off for it.

Almost 30 years ago, I had a (since deceased) leftie friend who insisted that he wouldn’t buy Nike shoes, because they were named for Nike missiles and therefore promote American militarism.  Nothing I could tell him about Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory, for whom both the shoes and the missiles were named, would change his mind.  He’d never heard of the goddess Nike, so he was sure nobody else had either (except his weird friend Gail, who reads too much).  This was pre-internet, so I couldn’t just Google it to prove my point.

Too bad I can’t convince everyone inclined to buy Nike shoes on account of the company’s anti-American image that they’d be promoting American militarism.

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