December 18, 2019

OH: Former Google employee says she was ‘fired in retaliation’ for organizing efforts.

A fifth fired Google employee said she believes she was “fired in retaliation” for her labor organizing efforts within the tech giant, as the company already faces similar allegations from its firing of four other employees just days after a staff-organized protest last month.

“I was involved in organizing at Google and I do believe I was fired in retaliation,” Kathryn Spiers, 21, from California’s Bay Area, told ABC News Tuesday.

Spiers said that she had worked at Google for just under two years when she was suddenly terminated from the company last Friday.

“I was given no notice, I got a phone call last Friday telling me I was fired,” Spiers said.

“They were accusing me of violating the basic security policies,” she added. “What I was actually fired for was organizing.”

Why are progressive-run companies so hostile to the workingman-woman-person?

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