December 16, 2019

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: TX Democratic Congressional Candidate wishes cancer on Obama and all Hell breaks loose (he deleted but we got it).

However, San Antonio’s Justin Lecea 34, a self-professed socialist, wishes that you communicate politely to him. At the top of his Twitter page, he lists his preferred pronouns: “He/They.”

Exit quote: “Y’all are defending a war criminal who was in authority during the deportation of over 3 million immigrants, continued the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, allowed the continued poisoning of citizens in places like Flint, and also recently bought an 11 million dollar home in Martha’s Vinyard, and demonstrated privilege so great that he gives zero fucks about y’all. Obama is part of the club that is going to let y’all burn in climate change. So @ me all you want I said nothing directly threatening.”

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