December 5, 2019

IT’S COME TO THIS: Actor Chris Pratt apologizes for posing with single use plastic bottle.

Actor Chris Pratt on Wednesday apologized for posting a photo on Instagram of him posing at a gym with a single-use plastic water bottle in his hand after “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa called out his fellow Hollywood star.

Pratt posted the Instagram photo on Tuesday as part of a collaboration with Amazon.

This prompted Momoa to comment under “The Guardians of the Galaxy” star’s photo saying, “Bro i love you but wtf on the water bottle. no single use plastic. come on.”

Pratt apologized in response saying, “Aquaman! You’re completely right. Dammit. I always carry my big gallon size reusable water jug with me too. I even had it that day!!!”

“Love you too buddy,” Pratt added in his reply. “My bad. I don’t want your home of Atlantis covered in plastic. Hear that kids? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.”

Considering the amount of plastic toys, DVDs, and other merchandising their franchises generate, not to mention the amount of soda movie theaters serve in plastic cups with plastic straws, presumably both actors will be recommending that their respective studios cease producing their franchises, or at the least voluntarily retire from the movie industry, to set the proper example for the rest of us.

(Barring that, instead of groveling to the eco-obsessive Momoa, why didn’t Pratt simply say that he refills his plastic bottle at his gym’s fountain?)

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