THE MANDALORIAN: Dear Disney, Ignore the SJWs, Star Wars Is Good Again.

If there’s one thing SJWs love to attack, it’s Disney and Disney related properties. This includes Star Wars, which, thanks to an infusion of social justice, has really sucked lately. Anyone who watches the new sequels starring Rey the Mary Sue and her merry band of social justice list checks knows they’re horribly written, off character entries that have done so badly and angered so many fans that they’re rumored to be taking the product out of executive producer Kathleen Kennedy’s hands and putting them into John Favreau’s.

And that’s the best news any Star Wars fan can ask for given the current predicament because Favreau has already proven he can make excellent Star Wars, seeing as how his show “The Mandalorian,” is so good that it actually has me excited about Star Wars again.

Melissa and I watched the first two episodes with our boys on Sunday night, and everybody agreed The Mandalorian was loads of fun. Maybe not great Star Wars, but very good Star Wars — and after the twin disasters of Solo and The Last Jedi, that’s enough to generate a new hope for the franchise.

But not for next month’s The Rise of Skywalker, which looks just awful.